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Why Aerial Photography

First it’s eye catching! Second sellers want to work with agents that use drones in their listing marketing plans! A study done by Sold By Air showed that 83% of home sellers wanted to work with agents who used drones!!! 83% That’s crazy! If those 2 reason aren’t enough the study showed that high volume agents use aerial photography and videography 3.5 times more than low volume agents. Why? Because branding is important and they know that using drones as part of their marketing plan impresses sellers, which leads to more listings! Who doesn’t want more listings?

Cinematic Video

Our videos are professionally edited and are perfect for social media and your website. We provide you with a branded and unbranded version so you can even put it on MLS.  A study done by HubSpot showed that people watch shorter videos when it comes to social media and marketing.  We like to think of our videos as an attention grabbing commercial that sparks interest of potential buyers leading them to you to find out more! Our videos are a win- win for both your brand and your seller!

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